We learn how to weave a fish tail

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We learn how to weave a fish tail

Elegant, rebellious, strict – what a scythe there is! With all the simplicity of performance, this hairstyle looks delightful and spectacular, perfectly complementing any image. And the most pleasant thing is that you don’t need to be a master to weave a fishtail on your own: just a couple of trainings, and you can create a real masterpiece.

What is this hairstyle

Fishtail weaving technique is considered one of the most popular and simple. This hairstyle has many ways of weaving, so it fits well into any image.

This hairstyle has managed to “light up” on the red carpet, the presentation of prestigious awards and many photo shoots of fashion brands. IT-girls such as Lily Aldridge, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Amanda Seyfried, Nicole Sherzinger, Blake Lively, Demi Moore, Nina Dobrev, Ayla Fisher and other socialites make their choice in favor of the fish tail.

What kind of hair can you weave a tail on

The fishtail braid is best suited to long and medium hair lengths. If the hairstyle has layers, the strands will be knocked out of the hairline during the weaving process.

Recommendations for hair type:

  • Straight. Ideal for smooth hair. You can twist your hair flat or use the corrugation to give it volume.
  • Curly. If the hair is very curly, it is advisable to straighten it with an iron. However, you can experiment with violent curls.
  • Wavy. This styling looks very beautiful on slightly wavy hair. Weaving around your head or on your side looks especially romantic.
  • Rare. If the hair is not thick enough and the hair is thin, you’d better suit a fish tail with a comb. Also, you can pre-twist the hairline slightly flat or weave on the corrugation to give more volume to the curls, and at the end of weaving gently pull out the strands by hand, stirring them up.
  • Thick. What you need to create a beautiful braid. If the hair is too thick, you can apply a locking agent.
  • Colored and melted. Especially beautiful look thin contrasting straps in the total mass of braided hair. Even if you do not have coloring, it is not a problem: you can use the crayons for short-term coloring.

To weave a fish tail on a carriage or a bean long to the chin, you need to choose the option of weaving around the head. Weave your bangs on the side and take very thin buckles while creating your hairstyle.

Weaving braids at home: step-by-step instructions

To weave a beautiful braid of fishtails, you have to prepare your hair. Wash, dry, brush and apply a small amount of styling agent. The following tools are needed for weaving:

  1. Two mirrors opposite each other or a trail (for a good view of the back of the head).
  2. Combing.
  3. Thin comb to separate the hair.
  4. Ribbons for fixing the finished braid.
  5. Accessories for a decor.
  6. Fixing agents (varnish, mousse, etc.).
  7. If necessary, use a flat or iron to prepare the hair for weaving.


  1. Divide the hair into two equal parts.
  2. On the outside of the left side, separate the thin strand and wind it over the right side.
  3. Do the same with the opposite (right) part.
  4. Add this to the desired length of the braid.
  5. Secure it with a rubber band.


  1. Divide the hair into three parts at the top of the head.
  2. Start weaving in the same way as when creating a reverse French braid: start the left buckle under the central and right buckle, too.
  3. Combine two buckles (left and center) into one. You should have two working strands.
  4. Separate the thin buckle from the outer left side and guide it through the bottom under the right side. In doing so, add a thin curl of the main mass of hair to the working strand.
  5. Do the same with the right work buckle.
  6. Weave your hair as long as you like according to the specified weave pattern.
  7. Secure with a rubber band.

French (from the top)

  1. Separate the three small strands on the top of the top so that you would weave a simple plait of three strands.
  2. Place the left strand on top of the central one, the right strand on top of the central one, in the same way, but in a mirror image.
  3. Then combine the two strands (left and center) into one. Thus, you will have two working strands.
  4. Separate the fine strand from the left (as in the classic version described above) and connect it to the right one. Then separate the thin strand from the total weight of the hair and attach it to the working strand.
  5. Alternate adding thin strands on the left and right until the free hair runs out. Then weave a simple fishtail. At the end, secure your hair with a rubber band.

On your side.

  1. Scratch the hair to the side you’re weaving on.
  2. Secure your hair with a thin disposable rubber band on your side.
  3. Divide the curls into two working areas as in the previous diagrams.
  4. Fly to the desired length.
  5. When the braid is ready, cut the rubber band.
  6. Slightly spray your hair with lacquer.

Useful tips for creating hairstyles

The end of the braid does not have a hairpin or rubber band attached to it. To finish your hairstyle in this way, it is advisable to comb the resulting ponytail at the end of the braid and spray it with lacquer.

When separating the buckles, it is best to do so with a pinky fingernail or a comb with a knob.

If you want to get an untidy, airy pigtail, pull the strands slightly out of it. This should be done simultaneously on both sides so that there is no asymmetry.

To prevent hair from sliding too much, you can treat it with a special hair powder before weaving. It will give the hair a little stiffness and the strands will not slide.

If there is not enough natural volume, you can use an iron with a corrugated head.

Want a clearer structure? Then use dry shampoo, hair powder or wax.

How do I decorate my hair?

If you plan to wear a romantic chiffon dress or sundress and make a light makeup, you’ll have a charming bow, bandage and scarf along with the mittens.

Such accessories as rhinestone hairpins, invisible hairpins and studs with stones and beads are suitable for a glamorous image.

More minimalistic jewelry is perfect for a strict businesslook: for example, a thin hoop-arm almost without decoration.

If you plan to create a daring rebellious image, you can take advantage of multi-colored strands on elastic bands that need to be woven into a braid. For the same purpose, bright muline threads or cords are perfect.

How to wear it?

With a slanting “fishtail” can be combined with other hairstyles. For example, to make a baby with a comb in the parietal zone and braid it with two braids. Also looks very nice appearance of pigtail, braiding like a snail all over his head.

Simple and at the same time stylish looks high horse tail, braided in a pike tail. It is possible to weave 2-3 fish tails and combine them into one common braid. As you can see, there can be a lot of variants of this hairstyle!

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