Ways of hair straightening with a hair dryer

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Ways of hair straightening with a hair dryer

A lot of girls know the problem of curly and fluffy hair. Every morning the owner of such a hairspring make a lot of effort to somehow reduce the unwanted and unaesthetic volume. Get rid of curls can, most importantly, do not spoil the hair. Let’s consider how to straighten the hair with a best hair straightening brush at home.

To begin with, let’s understand why hair is frizzing. There are several reasons:

  • Physiological.
  • Natural circumstances. Cold weather, strong winds or high humidity.
  • Chemical attack. This is a devastating effect of perms and staining.
  • Improper care. Use of shampoo, balm or mask that does not fit the type of hair.

How to use your hair dryer correctly

A hair dryer is one of the most effective and fastest ways to straighten your hair. With its help it is possible to make styling for 7-10 minutes depending on length and density of hair.

The result of straightening directly depends on the quality of the used tools and means.


A hair dryer, like an iron, has its own features that you need to know so as not to hurt your hair.

  • When straightening, you need to consider your hair type. For women with fine and short hair, it’s best to dry your hair at minimum power (or choose a hairdryer up to 1000 watts), and for normal and medium hair it’s more powerful. The thicker and tougher your hair, the more power you need for styling.
  • Professional hair dryers have both different thermal and cold air modes. It is better to straighten your hair at medium temperature, and to record the result of cold air flows. Don’t get carried away with hot air, it saves a lot of time, but has a harmful effect on the hair structure.
  • The distance between the hair dryer and the head depends on the air temperature, which is 35 cm on average. The hotter it is, the farther it should be. It is very good if the hair dryer has an ionization function, in this mode it protects the curls from drying out.
  • The air flow from the hair dryer should be directed towards the growth of the hair.

Additional funds

To improve the result of hair straightening with a hair dryer, use additional tools. Not only will they help make your hair straight, but they also have thermal protection properties such as shampoos, balms, sprays, creams, serums, mousse, foam and masks. They also use wax products that weigh and level the hair.

Ways and process of hair straightening

Styling should be done on washed but slightly damp hair. Before using a hair dryer, apply a thermal protection product (spray, gel, etc.) over the entire length of the hair.


The pros:

  • shiny, straight hair;
  • Ideal for hard and thick hair.


  • Styling takes a long time;
  • It is not recommended to style fine hair;
  • partially removes volume.

It is important to choose the right brush. It is better to choose a brush with natural bristles and without metal parts, as they can become very hot.

To straighten your hair with a hair dryer and brush, first brush it with a comb with rare teeth and divide it into parts. Secure excess hair with clips.

Each strand should be pulled out from the root, according to the growth of the hair. As you straighten, keep your hair dryer neck down and direct the flow of air at your hair so that it matches the direction and movement of the brush. If you take a thicker curl, you will save time, but you can dry it out, and if it is thinner, it will be smooth and shiny. Finally, fix the result with a cold air stream.


The pros:

  • shiny and smooth hair;
  • Maximum volume;
  • Suitable for all hair types.


  • The ends will have a small curl.

To straighten strands, you can use brushing, a large round comb. It is used in the same way as a regular brush. The final result depends on the diameter of the brushing – the bigger it is, the smoother your strands will be. The stacking technique is the same as with a brush.

Pinch hairbrush.

The pros:

  • easily pulls out a light wave or fluffiness.


  • Not suitable for curly hair;
  • partially removes volume.

Scratchpick combing makes it much easier to level the hair. To do styling, you need to take turns holding each curl tightly on the comb-piece and pull it down from top to bottom, blowing your hair with a hair dryer. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

This method of hair straightening with a hair dryer is the most gentle as it is not exposed to heat. But if your curls are naturally lush and curly, then with the help of forceps to achieve the desired result can not be achieved.

Hairdryer brush

The pros:

  • is easy to use;
  • Straightens even curly hair;
  • gives the maximum volume.


  • Moves the ends.

It is one of the types of brushing. In fact, it is a hair dryer nozzle with holes on the body for blowing. To get straight hair, just scroll the curls with a hair dryer. Don’t keep the brush in one place for too long to get a curl. Start straightening with the back of the head, then on the top of the head, the whiskey is the last place to align.

Hairdryer rectifier

The pros:

  • it’s easy to style your hair;
  • minimum time for styling.


  • No volume at the roots.

It’s the same as a hair dryer brush, but the brush head is a flat comb. It’s very easy to use, it’s easy to turn on and comb your hair.

At the end of the styling process

You can fix your hair with lacquer or wax. If you have a very lush hair, you can get a thermal protection with a smoothing effect.


  • If you want to give your hair a romantic look, you can spin your strands a little. To do this, wrap the ends of your hair around the brush and dry it for 30 seconds at an average hair dryer temperature. Record the result with cold air.
  • Straightening should start with the lower curls. If you have a bangs, you should start with them and then move on to the rest.
  • Pull the curls upwards from the roots to add volume.
  • Wet hair should be dried, wet hair will only prolong the drying time.
  • Do not keep the hair dryer brush in one place as you can dry out the strands.

In the pursuit of fashion and beauty, don’t forget to listen to your hair. You should strive to be beautiful and adhere to reasonable boundaries, choose quality cosmetics, devices and procedures.

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