Velcro rollers: rules of selection and use

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Velcro rollers: rules of selection and use

Velcro Bigoudies are rapidly gaining popularity, because they are very convenient and easy to use. With their help you can create both light negligent waves and tight curls. Such rollers are suitable for girls with almost any type of hair.

Let’s get acquainted closer

Velcro shaped like a cylinder and made of lightweight plastic. They are called “hedgehogs” because of their special design: there are small bristles on the outside of the cylinders, with which the hair is well twisted and fixed.

Bigoudies come in different diameters:

  • Small ones – 1-2 centimeters;
  • Average – 3-4 centimeters;
  • Large – 5-6 centimeters.

Velcro is sold in a set of six or eight pieces.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of velcro rollers include the following:

  • The absence of traditional clips allows you to create a hairstyle without breaking your hair and damaging its structure.
  • You can get curls of different sizes.
  • The Velcro design allows strands to breathe and dry more quickly.
  • Compact, easy to take on the road.

The disadvantages of this type of rollers:

  • Cannot be used on very long and short hair, as it will fall off or become very tangled. To solve this problem you will have to use clips.
  • Not suitable for thick and heavy hair, as they will confuse and break them.
  • “Velcro can’t be left overnight, as the material is very light and it can just unwind.
  • They are not recommended to be used more often than once a week and screwed on to very dry, thin and brittle hair.

Bigoudies will not damage your hair if used correctly. So before you start styling, read the instructions and watch the tutorial videos.

Choice of rollers

The size of cylinders depends on what kind of curls you want to get, and the number of curls depends on the thickness and length of the hair.

  • To create a volumetric style you need to twist on the roots of the hair large rollers (4-7 centimetres). They will allow you to get the root volume on a short haircut.
  • To stack the bangs and give it shape will be suitable for medium-sized products 4-5.
  • In order to give the tips of hair volume and waviness, use velcro rollers with a diameter of no more than 3 centimetres.
  • If you want tight fine or medium curls, choose cylinders with a diameter of 2-3 centimetres.
  • To create a natural hairstyle, you can twist a combination of small and large Velcro. Side by side, fix the middle rollers, on the top – large, and below – small. But the diameter should not differ drastically, otherwise, the effect of naturalness will disappear.

For creation of hairstyles on thin and rare hair, it is better to choose small “hedgehogs” as large ones simply will not be fixed, and the styling will turn out sloppy.

Curling Rules


Always wash and comb your hair before curling. Styling products play an important role. Girls with short haircuts should use gel and mousse for a good fixation of styling. If you have thin, thin, thin hair, use a light cosmetic foam to treat it.

How to wrap your hair around velcro rollers

The technology of fixing and removing the rollers is simple, it is enough to follow the basic rules:

  1. Before curling, apply styling agent to slightly damp hair and spread it all over the length.
  2. It is better to start twisting the curlers in the direction of the face and in one direction – inside or outside, from the temples or to the temples. Then the curls will lie neatly. First treat the strands on the top of the head, then on the side areas, and then on the back of the head. The bangs are the last thing you need to do.
  3. The best effect is if you dry your hair naturally, but if you’re in a hurry, use a hair dryer. It is not recommended to take off wet hair.
  4. Hedgehogs should be removed carefully and slowly: start with the occipital area, then the side area, tops and bangs. There is no need to pull the rollers with force when removing them, so you can pull out large amounts of hair.
  5. The final step in styling is to spray the curls with a small amount of lacquer.

How to take care of a curler

Basic Velcro care rules:

  • After use, remove any remaining hair from the hedgehogs, wash with soap and water and dry well.
  • It is recommended to store the products in the manufacturer’s packaging, bag or container.

With the help of velcro rollers you can create a variety of hairstyles or a few minutes to give hair volume. “Hedgehogs” have many advantages – it is a convenient, simple and safe way to curl your hair.

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