Rules for creating long hair combing

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Rules for creating long hair combing

Hair with a comb was at the peak of popularity in the 60s of the twentieth century, and today it is again in the trend. With her hairline she acquires additional volume along the entire length, on the top or on the back of the head. Let’s learn more about this long hair styling to make it on your own and master a few simple hairstyles based on it.


Unlike short and medium hairstyles, the long hair process has some peculiarities.

Typically, long strands are greasy on the roots and dry on the tips, so sometimes the hair is not good. In order to prevent the hairstyle from falling off, the root area can be slightly covered with a special powder, which not only absorbs excess fat, but also helps the styling to hold on better.

If you find it difficult to comb your strands because of their length, limit yourself to the root zone.

Many women with long hair and naughty curls have poor styling performance. To avoid this, you can use rollers before laying. Close the hairpin to create a light wave in the root zone.

How to make a comb

To create a hairstyle with a comb, it is necessary to use it:

  • Styling products – mousse or foam;
  • a softening protective spray;
  • Thin comb with thick dense teeth;
  • A smoothing brush for the finished hairstyle;
  • Invisibility, rubber bands, hairpins – on request;
  • Medium fixation hairspray.

Hair preparation

The appearance of the styling and how long it will last on the long hairstyles depends on the preparation of the hairspring. For this purpose it is necessary:

Wash your hair. Remember: Hair holds much worse if you do it on dirty curls, the volume is insufficient and the hair falls quickly. Wash your hair with a shampoo designed for extra volume before creating a hairstyle.

Dry the head with a diffuser. It is also possible to dry the hair dry naturally: collect wet hair in a high tail or bundle and dry it in this way – this will give it extra splendor and make it easier for you to do your hair at the roots.

Apply a protective softening spray on the strands, which will reduce the negative effect of the comb.

Squeeze a small amount of fixing agent onto the palm of your hand and rub it into the hairline. It’s important to guess the right amount, otherwise your hair will not hold well. If you have very long curls (about the waist), you need to squeeze out a foam or mousse ball the size of a small apple. With shorter curls (just below the shoulder blades), you can limit yourself to a walnut-sized stacking ball.

Step-by-step combing technique

Separate a few curls from the top of the top of the head and stab them to close the combed hair at the end of the hairstyling process.

Take a small strand (about 2 cm) in your hand and move it up perpendicularly to the surface of your head.

Thin comb the strand from the ends to the roots. Do not move too abruptly to avoid damaging the hair. When the comb begins to move with difficulty, stop combing.

Treat all the areas you want to comb.

Throw it gently backwards and cover it with untouched strands, smoothing it out with a brush.

Secure your hair with a small amount of lacquer. Don’t overdo it: if there’s a lot of lacquer, it doesn’t look natural.

Useful tips

  • If you’re planning on doing long hair, you don’t have to comb the entire length of your hair. It’s much easier to work only on the hair of the root area. In addition, if you comb the strands to the end, the ends of the strands will eventually start to cut off.
  • Do not abuse your hair with your hair, as it will have a negative impact on its appearance and health. Long hair is usually weaker than short hair because of its own weight, so you shouldn’t put any extra strain on it. Do it no more than 2-3 times a week.
  • Do not use metal combs with sharp teeth, as this can lead to damage to the integrity of the hair.
  • To keep the combed hair in shape for a longer time, you can make root corrugations before you start styling. This is especially true for smooth, straight hair, which needs to be given extra volume.
  • It is not possible to comb your hair afterwards, as this will lead to hair loss. Therefore, to remove the hair, simply wash your head and then you can brush it.
  • To reduce the load on the curls, do not comb if they are weak, dull or brittle.
  • Make softening masks to care for the hair, use balms and conditioners – this will help the strands recover from the stress of combing.
  • Not only does the hair give the hairline its missing volume, but it also allows you to create a wide variety of hairstyles. The main thing is not to abuse your hair too often, to follow the rules of its creation and to take good care of the curls.

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