Make a beautiful bundle of bagels with our hands

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Make a beautiful bundle of bagels with our hands

A hair bagel should be in every girl’s arsenal. Thanks to it, you can create a simple, but spectacular hairstyle in minutes – a bundle that fits harmoniously into any image.

What is a bagel

A bagel (also known as a donut, donut or twister) is a soft ring with a diameter of 8-20 cm. It is made of a synthetic material that can hold a good shape – foam rubber or soft sponge.

Advantages of a beam with a bagel:

  • Suitable for less thick hair. Since the roller is large enough and made with its help on the head beam looks voluminous.
  • Harmonizes with different hairstyles – both with and without bangs.
  • On the basis of the bagel you can make a lot of different hairstyles – for example, a classic babette.
  • The hairstyle is suitable for long and medium hair. Only very short hairstyles (beans, sessoon, pixie, garson) are an exception.
  • A minimum of time, effort and laying material is required.

Despite the large number of advantages of this hairstyle, it has some disadvantages:

  • It’s hard to do on multi-layer hairstyles because curls can fall out of your hair.
  • Tightening hair with an elastic band can lead to headaches.
  • It is problematic to make a bundle on short hair.

Types and choice of bagel

You can pick up a bagel in the right color: white, light blond, blond, brown or black. And size:

  • Small – 3-7 cm;
  • average – 6-12 cm;
  • Large – 8-20 cm.

Classic – It is a volumetric ring made of soft material.

With the clamp, its second name is a sophist twist. Externally, it looks a little like a bagel: it is a long roller with a clamp, with a soft, pleasant to the touch coating. To make a bundle with soffit twisted, you need to wrap the strands on it, and then bend the roller into a circle. Very convenient for long hair.

A homemade bagel can be made with your own hands from a regular sock. To do this, choose a sock to match your hair (black for brunettes and brown hair, light for blondes). Fill it with foam, sew a hole, connect both ends and sew them together. Remember to carefully distribute the foam inside the sock to give it a neat look and uniformity.

Hairy, if the length of your hair is not long enough to do your hair, use a hair roll. The main difference from a classic bagel is that it is covered with artificial or natural strands. Fixing such a bagel on the head is done with pins or invisibility.

How long does it take to create a beam?

For long hair, it is convenient to use a bagel with a clip of any size. To make a bundle of medium hair better to use a small and medium diameter roller. If you have rare or short hair (e.g., wear a carriage or bean), use a bagel with hair.

How to make a beautiful bundle

The technology of creating a beam with a roller or bagel is very simple and takes only a few minutes. But in order for your hair to look beautiful and hold on well, you need some preparation.


Hair is done on clean hair, but it is desirable to do it not immediately after washing your hair, but one day later. Otherwise, the hairstyle will fall apart, individual strands may break out and spoil the appearance of the beam. So wash your hair, dry it and brush it well before you start styling. To make hair more supple, apply a small amount of fixatives such as foam or lacquer to it.


Creating a hairstyle is impossible without it:

  • A bagel.
  • Rubber bands.
  • Rascheski.
  • Stiletto or invisible.
  • Decorative jewelry (optional): satin ribbon, silk scarf or scarf, hairclip with rhinestones, artificial or live flowers, etc.

Step-by-step instructions

There are many options for making a beam with a bagel. Below you will find the most popular options for this hairstyle. Once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be able to experiment and bring new original nuances to your styling.

Whichever hairstyle option you choose with the beam, remember: you need to start styling with a simple horse’s tail. Collect the hair in the tail on the top or back of the head and fix it with an elastic band, and then proceed to further actions, specified below.


  1. Make a horse’s tail at the right height. Pass it on to the bagel.
  2. Distribute all hair evenly so that it covers the roller.
  3. Carefully stretch the bagel along the entire length of the tail.
  4. Gently twist the entire hair inside the roller, twisting it in place.
  5. Secure the bundle with the invisible bundle.

With an elastic band.

  1. Make a horse’s tail and put it in a bagel.
  2. Distribute all hair evenly over the roller.
  3. Put a thin elastic band over the donut.
  4. Take a thin strand and twist it into a bundle, gradually attaching the rest of the hair to it.
  5. Wrap the base of the bundle with the harness and secure the tip with an invisible tip.

As you can see, making a bunch of hair and a bagel is very easy. This hairstyle will suit not only you, but also your children or younger sisters. You can master the technique yourself, using the tips described above!

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