Choosing the best hairbrush

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Choosing the best hairbrush

In order to have beautiful and healthy hair, you need to take care of it responsibly. Your arsenal of care products should include not only masks, balms and essential oils, but also several types of combs for hair styling. The choice of comb depends on the shape and material of your hair and the length and structure of your hair, as well as the goal and result that you would like to achieve after combing.


To make sure that combs do not spoil the hair, but rather benefit it, you need to understand the peculiarities of the material from which they are made. What are the most common materials used for combs and brushes?


Its advantages include low cost, hygiene and the ability to easily keep it clean, and the disadvantages of electrifying hair and short hairbrush life. The slightest blow, long service life – all these factors leave cracks on the plastic that can confuse the hair.


The main drawback of metal is that it can injure the scalp. Prerequisite: Each metal tooth must have a plastic, rubber or silicone ball on top. It is not recommended to use a metal comb while drying hair with a hair dryer, as hot air will heat up the metal and damage the hair.

But also metal has its advantages: for example, metal combs are easy to maintain, they are durable and last a long time.

With natural bristles

Horse, pork bristles or whale mustache are used to make such products.

The advantages of a natural bristle brush brush comb are as follows: static stress relief, no reaction to cosmetics and care products, scalp massage, distribution of skin fat along the length of the strands, protection of hair from damage.

Minuses: natural bristles do not allow you to comb well thick hair, is not suitable for oily hair, has a high price, needs daily cleaning from hair and sebum.


Wood is a “living” material, so combs from it are considered particularly useful.

Positive features: give the curls shine and silky, prevent hair from being electrified, can be used to comb wet hair, do not react chemically with styling products or paint, do not allow the section of the tips. It is desirable to choose combs made of hard wood (sandalwood, ash, birch, juniper).

Less: must be kept clean at all times, the wooden surface may be inhabited by a fungus. They are also relatively brittle and some may cause allergic reactions.


Silicone combs look like a cross between plastic and rubber.

Advantages: hygiene and ease of maintenance in cleanliness, can be used on wet hair, no static stress, harmlessly unravel hair, have a long service life, when heated during drying silicone hair dryer does not emit toxic substances.

Disadvantages: in comparison with the nearest analogue – plastic comb – higher cost.


Carbon is an artificial alloy consisting of rubber and graphite microfibers. Rascheski and combs from carbon are suitable for all types of hair.

Advantages: antistatic properties, resistance to high temperatures, high strength.

Minuses: relatively high cost.


Nylon brush – more affordable replacement for natural pile combs. Used for styling and straightening hair.

Advantages: long service life, hygiene, low cost, well pulls the hair, massages the scalp, if nylon is soft enough, there is no danger of damaging the scalp and strand.

Disadvantages: not suitable for combing thick curls.


Ebonite is a strong black or brown material obtained by curing a rubber. It has antistatic properties and is widely used for making professional types of combs.

Advantages: do not emit toxic substances when heated by a hairdryer, are used for hair dyeing and perms, as the ebonite combs do not come into contact with chemical ingredients, easy care of the comb.

Disadvantages: high cost, softening when washing in hot water, can not be left under direct sunlight, as the ebonite comb can change color.


It’s the best comb, as the hair doesn’t electrify afterwards, it becomes soft and smooth.

Pros: many modern models have ionization function, acceleration and simplification of the styling process, safe uniform heating of the ceramic coating while drying with a hairdryer, it is possible to purchase a ceramic comb with tourmaline spraying.

Less: high cost, brittleness.

Types of combs

To choose a hairbrush, you need to look not only at the material of which it is made, but also the shape, size, structure and purpose. Below you will find a list of the most common hair care combs.

Hair massage

It is the basis with a wide handle, made of plastic or wood. The worktop is usually rectangular with rounded corners or oval. The base has a rubber or textile coating on which the teeth are fixed. Massage combs can be made of natural bristle, plastic or metal. The length of the teeth varies from 1 to 2 cm.

Advantages: improved blood supply to the hair follicles due to the massage effect, even distribution of the protective layer of natural grease over the hair, good combing.

Disadvantages: gradual accumulation of dust and sebum, so that the massage comb should be washed and disinfected frequently.


Consists of a handle that flows smoothly into a cylindrical base. The base can be made of wood, metal, ceramic or plastic. The teeth are made of horse/pork, nylon bristles, metal, plastic with balls at the ends. There are also braceings with mixed teeth: they combine natural bristles and plastic cloves.

The main plus of brushing is their multifunctionality: increase of root volume during drying and styling, twisting of ends, stretching of strands, help at straightening of wavy hair.

Disadvantages: difficulty in keeping clean, the need for frequent cleaning and removal of hairs, skin fat and settled dust.


It is a comb with a convex base and 7-9 rows of teeth. Because of the semicircular base of the teeth are located at a considerable distance from each other.

Pros: the comb helps to stack short and medium hairstyles, such as beans and brooches, the semicircular comb is suitable for pulling and twisting the bangs, massaging the scalp.

Minuses: if the teeth are made of plastic, the hairpiper is electrified.

“Fish bone.”

The main purpose of the skeleton comb is to give hair extra volume. It deserves its name because of its resemblance to the fish skeleton. It is a flat base with holes, which has plastic or silicone teeth. It is used for drying hair.

Advantages: due to the presence of holes in the base it provides excellent air circulation during drying with a hairdryer, low price, can be double-sided, well unravels the strands, just keep them clean.

Disadvantages: Do not use with dry and brittle hair.


Its second name is a shovel. It is a wide rectangular base on which the cogs are located. One of the best combs for long hair.

Pros: the wide base and frequent teeth are good at combing even very thick hair, ideal for long hair, provides soft combing, does not tear out the hair.

Minuses: difficult to clean, can electrify your hair.

The second variant of a flat comb is a comb with a metal needle at the end.

Plus: compact, the needle is used to separate strands neatly when cutting or melting.

The disadvantages: Fragility, risk of injury.


Ridges are made of both natural materials (wood, horns and animal bones) and artificial compounds (plastic, metal alloys).

Advantages: small size, the possibility of using it for cutting and trim, help with even distribution of masks and essential oils along the length of hair, creation of hair.

The disadvantages of scallops are as follows: brittleness (especially in the case of plastic products), inconvenience when combing thick hair and curls.


The brush is the ideal choice for long curls. It is also suitable for smoothing the finished hairstyle. It can have both natural and artificial cloves.

New to the market – the TangleTeezer hairbrush

It is a convex comb that fits comfortably into the hand.

Pros: does not harm the hair, compact, can be used for any type of hair – both natural and thickened, when combing does not damage the scalp and hair structure, the lack of static stress, gently combing heavily tangled tangled tangles.

It can be used for dry and wet hair, makes the hair smooth and shiny, stimulates hair growth through the massage of hair bulbs, there is a variant of TangleTeezer comb for children.

Minuses: high cost, there is a chance to buy a fake hair.

Hair straightening brush

Long-clamping brush that allows you to conveniently fix the strand for straightening. Manufacturers recommend using it when drying hair with a hair dryer.

Advantages: it does not damage the hairline, is compact, it is securely fixed and does not slip out during straightening.

Disadvantages: short effect, some models are made of low-quality plastic, which is heated during the drying process with a hairdryer and can even melt, is not suitable for rectification of violent curls.

Specialized combs

  • Infrared. With the use of infrared comb optimizes the nutrition of hair follicles, disappears dandruff and oily seborrhea, strands become stronger and stronger, improves their growth, is recommended to use in case of hair loss. But it is necessary to take into account that a doctor’s consultation is necessary before using it.
  • Ionic. Rascheski with the effect of ionization are designed to relieve static stress, smoothing hair scales, making curls smooth.
  • Laser room. Promotes acceleration of their growth, fights with baldness, relieves tension, improves blood circulation, helps to get rid of dandruff. Laser comb has contraindications, so before buying you need to consult your doctor
  • With the effect of straightening (iron-calculation). Looks like an ordinary iron with cogs on each of its working surfaces. Works from the electrical network. To prevent the hair from splitting, apply thermal protection to it before use.
  • Hairdryer (thermobrushing). It looks like a normal brushing. However, in contrast, there is no need to use a hair dryer when using a thermal brush. The hollow base of the hair dryer comb is made of ceramic. It has a less aggressive effect on the hair compared to a simple hairdryer styling.
  • With massage effect. Comb-massager does not spoil and does not hurt the hair, activates the sleeping hair bulbs, fights with the electrification of the hair, normalizes the production of sebum, helps to cope with headaches, leads to normal pressure.

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