Bigudi Boomerangs: your assistants in creating the original stacking

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Bigudi Boomerangs: your assistants in creating the original stacking

If you like curly curls, romantic curls and soft waves, but you’re not ready to spoil your hair with electric styling appliances, pay attention to the curlers.

These simple appliances will help you to curl your hair with minimal damage, and the effect of using them is comparable to a flat or iron. How to use boomerangs, how to twist curls correctly and achieve the desired result. You will learn about it from this article.

What are boomerangs

On the outside, these styling accessories resemble papilot. They are flexible, oblong tubes with a strong wire rod inside. The principle of their action is simple: wet strands are twisted on rollers, after which they are wrapped with a “bagel” or “snail” and left until the hair dries.


  • Polyurethane foams. Their surface is made of foam or porous polyurethane. Due to the loose structure of these materials, the hair is well fixed and does not slip. Such rollers are suitable for all hair owners, both short and long.
  • Rubber curlers. Dense rubber is a non-slip material. This provides additional fixation of the rollers on the head. They are suitable for girls with very smooth heavy hair. But it should be taken into account that the dense rubber surface makes it difficult to unwind and remove the boomerang.
  • Electric. The set includes a special stand with electric heating. Girls with brittle damaged strands should not use this type of curler every day, as frequent perms damage hair.


  • Unlike thermo-devices (floats or irons), they do not harm the hair. This is especially true for coloured and damaged strands. The exception is electric boomerangs.
  • No clips are used for fixing. Thanks to this, a minimal room appears on the finished lock.
  • Easily removed from the hair, without tearing them out and traumatizing them.
  • Manufacturers produce paper rollers of different diameters and sizes. Therefore, they can be used for any length of haircut.
  • Due to the soft and flexible design it is possible to twist the hair on the rollers at night: they do not interfere with sleep, do not cause headaches and discomfort.
  • Curly curls are elastic and last for quite a long time (provided additional fixation with the help of stacking agents). Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, curls can last up to two days.
  • Bigudi boomerangs have a low price. The cost varies from 100 (Chinese brands) to 600 rubles (European manufacturers). The price is influenced not only by the brand, but also by the diameter and number of rollers in the set.


  • The foam surface is short-lived, so if you use the rollers too often, they may lose their commercial look. Side plugs can also fall off, making the edges of the wire bare.
  • Some girls complain that it’s not very convenient to twist their hair on a rollers. Basically, this happens with the unfamiliar, so after 1-2 unsuccessful attempts, the problem is solved by itself.

Tips for Choice

Depending on the length and type of hair

Bigudi boomerangs are good for all hairs. However, depending on what curls you want to get, you need to consider the length and type of hair when choosing the right set:

Short haircuts. To curl short hair, you will need a curler with a smaller diameter (0.5-1.0 cm) and a length of 12-14 cm. Depending on the thickness and length of the hairdo, the number of boomerangs varies from 5 to 8. It should be understood that they are not used for ultra-short haircut (pixie, garson).

Both small (0.5-1.0 cm in diameter) and larger (1.0-1.5 cm) rollers are suitable for medium hair. They should be at least 15 cm long. Haircuts to the shoulders or shoulder blades require about 7-10 pieces.

Long haircuts. To twist the boomerangs correctly on long hair and get beautiful curls as a result, you will need accessories with a diameter of 1.5-2.5 cm. Their length should be at least 20-25 cm. For long hair, you may need 10-15 pieces of rollers.

Rigid and naughty. If the hair is difficult to style, it is better to choose thick and long rollers. Or use electric curlers – they are good for naughty hair.

Thick. The thicker the hair, the larger the boomerang diameter. Smaller curls require at least 1 pack (10 pcs.) and in some cases even more. Lighter waves can be created with 5-8 curlers.

Rare. For liquid hair thin or medium rollers in the number of 5-8 pieces will be suitable.

Thin and soft. In this case, you can pick up the tubes of any diameter. The main thing is to process the strands with a styling product before curling, because otherwise the hair will be badly held.

Home Stacking Technology

For beautiful curls without harming your hair, use the tips below.

What you need. Prepare in advance:

  • Hairdressing clamps;
  • A thin comb with a long needle to separate the strands (optional);
  • Slipform paver (foam or mousse);
  • The lacquer is weakly or moderately fixed;
  • a bottle of water with a sprayer (useful for splashing drying hair);
  • boomerangs.

Preparatory stage:

Prepare your hair before curling. They should be clean, as dirt and grease help to straighten the curls quickly. Wash your head and let the strands dry a little naturally or with a hair dryer.

Next, brush thoroughly and apply some stacking agent, foam or mousse. For short hair (or rare), squeeze out enough to make a cherry-sized ball on the palm of your hand, for mediums – the size of a walnut, for long (or very thick) – the size of a small apple.

Useful Lifehacks

  • Styling will last longer if hair is wet (but not wet).
  • To ensure that the hair is not knocked out and the finished curls are neat, the strands should be carefully combed.
  • More boomerangs can be spun around your hair to give it extra volume. It is advisable to alternate the method of curling: one row of hair is twisted in one direction, and the next – in the opposite direction.
  • In order to prevent the tips from sticking out and breaking after drying, they must be well fixed by the main weight of the strand.
  • If you want to get a pronounced, “cool” curls, do not comb your hair after removing the curlers. Simply whisk them slightly with your fingers.
  • For soft waves and extra volume after removal, brush hair with a rare comb.
  • To make your hair look dynamic and natural, use a range of hair curlers with different diameters.
  • When choosing a set, bend one of the tubes slightly: it should bend over effortlessly. Only then will the boomerangs not burden your hair and cause discomfort.
  • If you leave the rollers overnight, they may flatten under the weight of your head. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to the elasticity of their surface – it should be softly springed, and when pressing it should not remain dented.

Now you know how to make elastic curls, create soft waves without damaging the hair.

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