Bigudi and their varieties

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Bigudi and their varieties

Bigudi is very popular with women. Depending on their variety, these simple devices allow you to create real masterpieces: soft three-dimensional curls, Hollywood waves, playful curls, large curls. How to understand the types of rollers and learn to do with their hair with beautiful curls?


In order to understand the result you can count on, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of rollers.

Velcro are hedgehogs.

Plastic hollow cylinders with a layer of material on the outer surface with small spikes. These are the hooks that act as fasteners: the hair sticks to them, so there is no point in the additional use of rubber bands and clips.


  • Doesn’t hurt your hair;
  • The curls are made without cracks;
  • allow you to create the maximum volume at the roots;
  • do not cause headaches caused by strong strand tension;
  • The finished hairstyle looks natural and lasts a long time.


  • Rolling curlers are not suitable for very long hair, as they can cause problems with twisting and taking off;
  • If the hair is thin, contact with the velcro surface can cause confusion;
  • Velcro should be cleaned of accumulated hair after each use.


There are two options: Old thermohumidis and modern thermohumidis.

In the first case, it is the idea of paraffin cylinders with tiny spikes and plastic mesh clips. to weave the hair on a soviet-type thermomogudi, you need to put them in a pot, pour water and bring to the boil. After that, gently remove one by one and, not letting it cool down, quickly twist on dry and clean strands. Wait for it to cool down completely.

More modern thermo-mobiles are plastic cylinders with paraffin rods inside. Heating evenly, this filling ensures gentle heating of the curled curls. The plastic shell can be covered with any coating – Teflon, ceramic, velvet.


  • There is a chance to weave strands in a relatively short time;
  • a less dangerous variant of creating curls, compared to ironing and flattening;
  • Modern models have overheating protection and a temperature indicator.


  • Do not twist your hair too often;
  • If you use old-style rollers that are in boiling water, there is a good chance of getting burned;
  • To heat, you need to have a gas or electric stove for Soviet thermal imaging at hand, and a microwave for modern models.


The kit includes the rollers themselves, crab clips, studs or elastic bands for fixing and a container with a cord. Before you start to twist your hair, the stand and the rollers installed in it are plugged into an electrical outlet for 3-10 minutes. The time of contact with hair is 5-15 minutes (depending on the thickness of strands and hair structure).


  • provide a lasting effect;
  • allow you to get the result in a short time;
  • Some modern types of rollers are additionally equipped with ionizers;
  • If the surface of an electric curler has velour, velvet, tourmaline, Teflon or ceramic coating, the twisting occurs as safely as possible.


  • If the model does not have heat-insulating edges, it is possible to get a burn;
  • Dry your hair if you use it too often;
  • Access to a socket outlet is necessary for heating;
  • should only be used with thermal protection applied.


Boomerangs are flexible wire rods with rubber or foam surfaces on top. A slightly damp strand is twisted on the rollers from root to end, after which the boomerang is wrapped in a miniature bun. No additional fixation is needed, as the boomerang keeps its shape by itself.


  • They keep the shape well;
  • You can get neat curls that are kept for the whole day;
  • are harmless, as they do not tear out the hair;
  • No clips – no creases;
  • comfortable to sleep.


  • At first, the use of boomerangs can cause difficulties, given their atypical shape;
  • As foam rubber is a relatively short-lived material, it breaks through with time and the wire rod is on the outside.


Hollow cylinders with a pleasant velvety surface. Small holes for faster drying of hair. Wrapping is carried out on wet hair in a classic way – from tips to roots. Soft smooth waves are obtained.


  • are safe;
  • Absence of clamps and, accordingly, creases.


  • Cannot be used while sleeping;
  • may slip off the hair due to lack of fasteners.


These are hollow cylinders with holes and small spikes that prevent locks from shifting. For fastening the clamps are used – semicircular plastic grids, which are put on top of the rollers.


  • Secure fixation;
  • Strength and durability;
  • The finished hairstyle retains its shape for a relatively long time;
  • Low cost.


  • It is not allowed to leave twisted for the night, as it threatens you with insomnia and headache;
  • It is difficult for beginners to put on their own clips on rollers;
  • Hair can get mixed up in the process of taking off, clinginging to spikes and protrusions;
  • There are still creases from the clips.


Smooth metal cylinders with holes for better hair drying. The fixation is done with an elastic band. On the counters you can find another option – the frame of a rollers is made of metal, and inside there is a brush made of natural bristles. Allow to get elastic curls

The pros:

  • inexpensive.


  • from contact with metal strands are electrified;
  • are not suitable for sleeping;
  • It is not possible to dry the hair dryer, because the influence of hot air on the metal leads to drying out of the twisted hair;
  • are not used for fine and weakened hair.


Thin sticks-cylinders, on the basis of which the spiral thread is applied. They can be made of plastic, but the most common variant of rollers is wooden spiral.

Are used on damp hair. Separate the strand corresponding to the width of the recess on the rollers and place it in the spiral thread. It is secured with rubber bands. After the hair dries completely, the rollers are removed.


  • You get small, tight curls;
  • Affordable price.


  • You can’t twist your curls overnight;
  • quite heavy;
  • It is difficult to place a strand strictly in the groove;
  • It is difficult to twist the occipital strands;
  • There are badly treated wooden rollers with notches, which will cling to the hair;
  • a rather long and time-consuming twisting process.


A simple and affordable form of curler that allows you to get elastic curls. They are hollow tubes made of dense rubber with holes to accelerate the drying of hair. Are fixed by an elastic band.


  • Low cost;
  • You can twist the curls overnight;
  • Are safe and convenient in use.


  • Rubber can pull wet strands when twisted, which makes you feel uncomfortable;
  • If you sleep with rubber rollers, they can crumple under the weight of your head;
  • If the rubber is of poor quality, it will burst quickly.

“Magic” spiral curlers Magic Leverag

Magic Leverag is a novelty in the Russian market, which has already been appreciated by many of our compatriots. Bigudi are flexible tubes-spirals made of elastic fabric. A special plastic stick with a hook at the end is also used for twisting hair, with the help of which the strands are sewn in a rollers.

In addition to these types of rollers, there are two other models: Magic Roller and wavy tubes. In the first case, you get coquettishly twisted ends of the strand after curling, in the second case, you get a la corrugation.

The principle of use of Magic Leverag: you have to pass the stick with the hook into the silicone tube, grip the wet strand with the hook, retreating 5 cm from the roots, and drag it through the tube. At the end, screw the tube in a spiral. In the same way, treat the whole hair shaft and leave the rollers on the hair until it is dry.


  • can be used at night – MagicLeverag is soft, so do not disturb your sleep;
  • There is no need to use additional fasteners;
  • No creases on the twisted curls;
  • Are safe for hair;
  • The curler material is strong and the edges are additionally rubberized.


  • At first it can be difficult for you to use them on your own;
  • Until you adapt to the new type of twisting, it will take a long time;
  • As the curlers are soft, after sleep the curls can take on an unexpected shape.

All rollers have specific features to keep in mind before buying them. Weighing the pros and cons and soberly assessing the condition of your own hair, you can choose a curler to create stunning images.

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